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VG-412 Modern White Fabric Sectional Sofa
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RS Cloud Codra Bedroom
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 In order to be in a position to understand when to use a modern contemporary chaise lounge, it would be a great idea to first acquaint ourselves with what such a modern/contemporary chaise lounge is, in the first place. As it turns, the modern contemporary chaise lounge is simply a chair whose sitting area is extended to accommodate 'the sitter's' legs. HTML с нуля So unlike a usual lounge, where the legs of the person sitting on dangle to the ground, on the chaise lounge, the legs remain on the lounge; making it - in essence - something of a cross between a lounge and a bed. Modern and Contemporary Chaises are chairs where the sitting area is elongated to provide support for the sitter's legs. Modern Chaises are striking pieces that can serve as a focal point in either a living room or bed room. You could anchor the modern chaise with an area rug and add a side table to create a luxurious sitting area. Contemporary Chaises can also function in the place of sofas, providing an interesting twist on traditional seating options.